Todd A. Gold, CCIM

President & Principal


Todd is responsible for the leadership and overall vision for REOC Partners. He excels at identifying potential opportunities and then crafting a unique and creative vision for each project to turn that vision into reality. Todd takes a hands-on approach in modeling each development and investment pro forma.

Whether strategizing how to develop a tract of raw land or repositioning an existing asset, Todd is at his best when his creativity is put to the test. He brings passion, high-energy, and enthusiasm to each new challenge as he is driven to continually push the limits of what others feel can be accomplished. Under-promising and over-delivering results for clients and investment partners is how he measures success.


A San Antonio native, Todd began his career in commercial real estate in 1985 with a focus on the leasing and sales of office properties. In his early career, Todd applied his intense drive and creativity to become a prolific professional artist and illustrator while winning numerous prestigious awards for his photo-realistic works. This creativity translated into the unique perspective and vision he brings to new developments and existing projects for clients and partners.

After joining Mission City Properties in 1992 as Director of Operations, Todd developed the organization into one of the largest and most successful firms in the city with nearly 30 office building assignments with only a handful of associates, before merging that group with Koontz McCombs Realty Services. Todd joined REOC Partners as its managing partner in January of 2002.


During his brokerage career, Todd successfully won hundreds of property management and leasing assignments from both entrepreneurial and institutional clients with dollar volumes in the billions of dollars.

Since 2006 he has developed nearly 500,000 square feet of office, retail and medical property along with land development projects totaling more than $300M in value. He has entitled three successful single-family projects developing two of them valued at more than $60M.

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