Obtain the Optimal Facilities Under the Most Beneficial Terms

With REOC’s comprehensive Tenant and Owner Occupant services

Your facilities are an important component of your business

The wrong facilities can:

 Limit your ability to attract and retain talent
Harm your image
Disrupt your workflow
Threaten your profitability


Your facilities either help or hinder your business daily. With a typical, minimum commitment of 3 years, mistakes can be difficult, expensive or even impossible to fix.

REOC executes proven strategies tailored to Tenant and Owner Occupant needs. Here's how:


Start with a thorough assessment to help us determine your specific requirements

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Leverage our team’s in-depth knowledge to understand every appropriate option


Benefit from our specialized tools for accurate, comparable property analysis

Chess King

Achieve the most beneficial terms with our advanced negotiating skills

Our strategies and processes have been honed by over four decades of industry experience.

Why engage an external consultant?

You have worked hard to recruit and retain a team with specialized knowledge in your specific business.
However, there are critical issues affecting your business that are outside your team’s expertise.
External consultants allow you to manage these critical issues when they arise while your team continues to execute your core business strategy.
Choosing your external consultants is as important as choosing your internal team.

When Should You Engage REOC for Occupier Services?

company growth
Changes in your business are affecting your facility requirements
You’re approaching a contractual event, like a lease expiration or other looming deadline
You have questions about interpreting the business points of a real estate agreement
You’re a tenant, but want to be an owner, or you’re an owner who wants to be a tenant
strategic plan
You need strategic or technical advice about real estate related issues
Sale Lease
You need to acquire or dispose of real estate assets
You want to reimagine your work environment
If any of these situations are on the horizon, you should be talking to REOC now. The sooner we devise your unique strategy, the better alternatives you’ll have available.

We understand— Securing the best facilities under the most beneficial terms is complex and time-consuming.

That’s why our specialized experience and advanced tools help businesses like yours succeed. We’ve developed a systematic approach to identify your unique facilities requirements, then apply our deep expertise in development, capital investment, and occupier services to secure the optimal solutions for your business.

Why choose REOC?

We have closed leases and sales worth billions of dollars
We have completed office, industrial, medical and retail acquisitions, dispositions and developments
■ Our experienced leadership team has an average time in the industry of 36 years

If you’ve handled these tasks in-house, have been disappointed by a real estate professional in the past, or just want to ensure you’re engaging the best, we should meet.

What our clients think about REOC's Occupier Services


The sooner you engage REOC, the sooner you can have a real estate success plan

The earlier we get to work on your plan, the more options you have— including development and redevelopment. You give yourself more time to consider every viable option while retaining all your negotiating capital. 


If you wait, your options narrow as critical dates get closer. You risk missing your window of maximum negotiating leverage  and being rushed into decisions with unknown and unexpected consequences.

Meeting now will give you the peace of mind that comes from having a comprehensive strategy for your facilities that aligns with your business plan.

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