Sell your property at the best price and terms as quickly as possible

With REOC’s team of marketing and sales professionals

Your marketing and sales team is the key ingredient in a successful disposition of your property

Your team must execute an effective marketing campaign to connect with potential buyers and then possess the expertise and skill to close the most complex transaction. Mistakes can result in:

A failed effort to sell the asset

Sale terms and a price below expectations

The need to recommence a sales effort resulting in a lower sales price, less buyer interest, or low-ball offers

Damaged property reputation in the marketplace

An ineffective team may prevent you from receiving the profits you would otherwise enjoy.

REOC creates and executes a marketing and sales campaign customized to the unique aspects of each property. Here’s how:


Assess property’s unique pros and cons to identify strategic modifications to maximize value


Evaluate the market to support pricing recommendations, establish marketing strategy and develop marketing materials

prop tour

Initiate proactive marketing, target qualified buyers, conduct property presentations and provide regular activity reports


Analyze offers to determine net proceeds and surety of closing; negotiate the most beneficial terms and manage the process to a successful disposition

Our disposition services have been sharpened by over four decades of industry experience.

Why engage a third party company
to market and sell your property?

You have worked hard to recruit and retain a team with specialized knowledge applicable to your specific business.
However, there are issues critical to your success that are outside your team’s skill set.
External consultants allow you to resolve these critical issues when they arise while your team continues to focus on your core business strategy.
Choosing your external consultants is as important as choosing your internal team.

REOC is here for you when:

bull vs bear
You are uncertain about current market conditions and wondering if the time is right to sell or refinance
bill white
You’re motivated to sell, but still want to receive the greatest net proceeds
You recognize you need a trusted advisor working on your behalf just like your accountant or attorney
team of proff
You’re looking for an experienced team with the necessary skills, knowledge and relationships to market and sell your property
You're disappointed in how your asset is currently being marketed for sale or the level of prospective buyer interest
You want confidence that the highest bidder is actually capable of closing and funding the transaction
You desire the peace of mind that comes from knowing every effort has been made to effectively interact with every viable buyer
If you plan to sell your property, you should be talking to REOC now. Grooming your property for sale may include enhancing your rent roll, addressing deferred maintenance or capital improvements, which may take time.

We understand— When it comes to marketing your property for sale, you need a real estate disposition team you can trust.

The successful sale of your property is directly related to the quality and experience of the consultants you work with. At REOC, we take a systematic approach to the marketing and sale of your property to achieve the highest possible price.

Why choose REOC?

We have successfully sold millions of square feet of office, industrial, medical and retail projects
Our experienced team are veterans of the industry with significant skill in identifying, negotiating and closing property sales
■ Our leadership team has been in the industry nearly 40-years on average

If you’re contemplating the marketing and sale of your property in-house, have been disappointed by an advisor in the past, or just want to ensure you’re engaging the best, we should meet to show you what sets us apart.

Engage REOC now to prepare your property to present to the marketplace

Our team will make expert recommendations to best position your property for sale at the highest price and as quickly as possible. These may include:

Addressing the condition of the property (e.g,. deferred maintenance issues, minor improvements, etc.)
Negotiating lease extensions with key tenants
Evaluating current market conditions to determine achievable sale price expectations
By engaging us now, you can avoid putting your property on the market prematurely which may result in no sale or a sale below expectations. Click the button below to contact our team today.
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