Gain Peace of Mind Knowing a Team of Professionals is Managing Your Property

With REOC’s expert property management services

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To protect your investment and enhance your property’s value, specialized knowledge and experience is required

From striking the ideal balance between maintenance/improvement projects relative to financial constraints, to effective interactions with tenants and vendors on a daily basis; poor management decisions can result in:


  • An imbalance between Prudent Management and Cost Effective Maintenance
  • A decline in Tenant Retention Rates
  • A loss of Long-Term Property Value


Property management decisions made without the requisite skill and insightful knowledge, may create unintended consequences. These can be difficult, expensive or even impossible to correct without impacting the profitability of your investment.

REOC takes a systematic approach to identifying your key property management objectives while ensuring cost-effective operations.

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We conduct a thorough inspection and assessment of your property and an interview with you to understand your unique objectives, financial constraints, and concerns


We engage service-providers based on the benefits to you, unlike national property management firms that require use of certain in-house or 3rd party vendors


We communicate regularly with tenants to identify property-related concerns, so minor issues don’t result in loss of tenancy


We perform routine inspections to ensure appropriate maintenance, increase tenant retention rates,  marketability to new tenants, ensure life safety and limit liability


We utilize our in-depth knowledge of building systems when repairs and replacements are necessary to ensure vendors and suppliers offer only needed solutions within cost expectations


We implement preventative maintenance programs to avoid costly capital expenditures and maintain and enhance long-term property value

Our approach to property management is backed by nearly five decades of industry experience. 

Why engage a third party company to manage your property?

You have worked hard to recruit and retain a team with specialized knowledge applicable to your specific business.
However, there are issues critical to your success that are outside your team’s skill set.
External consultants allow you to resolve these critical issues when they arise while your team continues to focus on your core business strategy.
Choosing your external consultants is as important as choosing your internal team.

When Should You Engage REOC’s Property Management Team?

You recognize the need for an experienced property management team to properly care for your property
You feel burdened by time-consuming management and accounting issues, such as handling complex pass-thru reconciliations, tenant complaints and building repairs
You're annoyed by unresolved tenant and/or property issues that continue to linger
You're frustrated that you’re being pulled into management issues that your provider should be handling
You're worried that delinquencies are spiraling out of control and your bottom line is suffering
You’re having difficulty balancing maintenance and improvement project costs relative to financial constraints
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You want to improve the level of communication from your property manager so you can sleep at night
If any of these scenarios describe your situation, you should be talking to REOC now. The sooner we devise a plan of action for your property, the sooner you’ll enjoy peace of mind.

We understand — When it comes to managing your property you need a team of experienced real estate professionals you can rely on 24/7.

Effective management of your property is largely related to the quality and experience of the team you work with. At REOC, we take a systematic approach to identifying your key property management objectives while ensuring cost-effective operations.

Why choose REOC?

We have managed millions of square feet of office, industrial, medical and retail projects, of every class
Our deep expertise in property management extends to office, industrial, medical, and retail property
■ Our experienced leadership team has been in the industry for nearly 40 years on average

If you've handled these efforts in-house before, have been disappointed by property management companies in the past or just want to ensure you're engaging the best team possible, we should meet to show you what sets us apart.

What our clients & occupants say about REOC Property Management.


Let the professionals at REOC take the urgent calls at 3 AM…

Engage us early to put an end to deferred maintenance or the negative impact of inattentive management personnel.


Immediately enhance your ability to retain and secure new tenants or buyers for your property by turning everyday responsibilities over to seasoned professionals. 

The earlier we discuss the issues and challenges you face, the better. To give your property the appropriate time and expert attention it requires, click the button below to contact our team today.
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