Realize your vision of creating a quality project on budget and on time

With REOC’s award-winning development team

Development projects are fraught with risk even when working with a team of seasoned professionals.

If not properly guided, directed and coordinated, even a team of highly trained consultants and contractors may end up with unanticipated outcomes such as:


Poor design that doesn’t meet your objectives

Uncoordinated plans between the design team
Expensive cost overruns and delays
Legal and regulatory entanglements


Without an experienced developer orchestrating the process, your project may fail to address your intended needs and/or goal. Mistakes may be difficult, expensive or even impossible to correct without significant cost.

REOC takes a systematic approach to identifying your key objectives to take your project from concept to reality.


We conduct an extensive interview to understand your vision and define your specific requirements, which then guides our team’s subsequent efforts


We identify all viable properties and evaluate their respective characteristics relative to your vision and objectives


We identify potential issues and possible resolutions while assessing long-term marketability of the project


We prepare a feasibility analysis, including a preliminary project budget, timeline and financial analysis


We commence entitlement efforts, engage design consultants, project programming, value engineering and final project design


We help secure financing, begin pre-construction plan review, and bidding/negotiation with the selected general contractor


We oversee construction meetings with the general contractor, deliver progress reports to you and ensure the project stays in budget and on time


We close out the construction process, ensure your project is completed according to plans and coordinate occupancy of the project

Our team of development professionals have a wealth of experience successfully completing numerous extremely complex projects.

Why engage a third-party company to orchestrate your development project?

You have worked hard to recruit and retain a team with specialized knowledge applicable to your specific business.
However, there are issues critical to your success that are outside your team’s skill set.
External consultants allow you to resolve these critical issues when they arise while your team continues to focus on your core business strategy.  
Choosing your external consultants is as important as choosing your internal team.

When Should You Engage REOC’s Development Team?

land plan
You have a property you would like to develop as a facility for your business, to lease to others, or both
You want access to new development projects as an investment but don’t know where or how to begin
You have land, but you don’t know the best way to unlock its greatest value
You need a team of professionals to guide you through the development process to make your vision a reality
If you are contemplating any of these possible scenarios, you should be talking to REOC now. The sooner we understand your concept and craft a development strategy, the more alternatives you’ll have available.

We understand — When it comes to developing a successful real estate project, you need a time-tested leader with proven experience.

Creating and executing a development plan that achieves your needs and goals is directly related to the quality and experience of the consulting team you engage.  At REOC, we guide the entire process from initial concept, feasibility and budgeting, site/property acquisition through the design and construction phase, while continually working to reduce risk at each step.

Why choose REOC?

We have developed numerous projects, including highly complicated master-planned communities and mixed-use developments worth hundreds of millions of dollars
Our expertise in real estate development extends to office, medical, retail and single-family lot projects
■ Our experienced development team has an average time in the industry of 36 years

If you’re contemplating developing a project in-house or searching for a quality developer and want to ensure you’re engaging the best, we should meet.​

What our clients think about REOC Development Services.

Successful development requires guidance from experts involved in virtually every facet of the real estate industry

Development is a long and complex process involving real estate brokers, civil engineers, architects, MEP engineers, geotechnical consultants, lawyers, financial analysts, code consultants, traffic engineers, contractors, and more that are essential to virtually every development project.

The developer’s role is much like that of a conductor of an orchestra, identifying the best team and coordinating their individual activities in a cohesive fashion to achieve a successful result.
The earlier we discuss your project, the better. To give your development adequate time to plan and prepare that it requires, click the button below to contact our team today.
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