Kimberly S. Gatley

Senior Vice President


Kim’s primary role is project manager for REOC-sponsored investments, actively engaged in the daily details of coordinating all project management activities to ensure that deadlines are met and goals achieved.

Adept at working in a team environment, Kim collaborates with the various professionals who participate in each venture including architects, engineers, contractors, attorneys, city leaders and others. Kim’s ability to efficiently coordinate a series of interrelated activities is critical to delivering results.


For over twenty years, Kim has authored and published articles related to current market conditions. Prior to joining forces with Todd Gold at Mission City Properties in 1998, Kim’s primary role was Director of Market Research at Baxter Southwest Corporate Realty Services/Darren Casey Interests.

Her market data has been used by many organizations including the Greater San Antonio Chamber of Commerce, Texas A&M Real Estate Center, and the San Antonio-South Texas CCIM Chapter. She is routinely invited to speak at various real estate industry events to share her insights and perspectives.


Since transitioning to the investment and development team at REOC in 2015, Kim has actively participated in all leasing/sales negotiations and development activities.

Whether abstracting a contract, monitoring milestones or managing the architectural control approval process, Kim’s attention to detail helps keep the project on track. One of Kim’s greatest strengths is her ability to break large complex processes into bite-sized achievable steps.

With her extensive background and deep experience in commercial real estate research, Kim’s market knowledge provides insightful perspectives on trends and insights to enable REOC to make accurate pro forma projections for the benefit of its clients and partners.

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