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Project Leasing

After our marketing team is engaged, our process starts from the moment a "suspect" is identified with entry of tenant information and key transaction data into our proprietary database system. Bi-weekly internal meetings with our staff keep our leasing team focused on each prospective tenant until the opportunity to close the transaction is successfully consummated or has been fully exhausted.

From proposal automation to online reporting, our system of project leasing is geared toward increasing the efficiency of our leasing agents. This enables them to focus their efforts singularly on negotiating with prospective tenants, not marketing, document drafting or tedious reporting.

Through our proprietary prospect management/database system, we maintain accurate "up-to-date" leasing activity reports in real time, so you will never again have to chase down the real estate broker representing your interests.

Our brokerage team regularly closes nearly 350 transactions over the course of a calendar year on behalf of our clients. In addition, our professionals have closed billions of dollars in combined career leasing and/or sales transactions. With twenty-plus active brokers, many with more than 20 years experience, our clients enjoy the highest level of professional service and expertise available in San Antonio and South Texas.

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